She said to me

Storm clouds lifting over Lake Maggiore, Verbania, Italy
She said to me

I see now she was pre-paving, 
setting her intentions, 
and mine. 
She said to me, 
“Everything works out for the best.”

When the storm’s rushing at you,  
you aren’t really ready to feel anew. 
Maybe as the clouds lift 
and I feel my breath as a gift...

Her heart just wanted to understand, 
clarifying her whys, 
and mine. 
She said to me, 
“Things happen for a reason.” 

When truth’s water is too deep for wading,  
you feel the ground of wisdom fading. 
Maybe as the water begins to retreat 
and I feel the firmness of my feet…

She offered perspective to bring peace
with where her life arrived, 
and mine. 
She said to me, 
“You are where you are supposed to be.” 

When thunderbolts crack open your heart, 
the soothing salve of words is a start. 
Maybe as the lightening moves over the sea 
and I feel my pulse dancing in me…

My Mother spoke her truths out loud, 
sculpting her heart, 
and mine.  

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