What do you do?

Rose, Santa Clarita, California
What do you do? 
(For Barb Kamer)

What do you do with a loss like this?
Do you nudge it away so the hurt won’t get too close?
Or, do you cling to it as a reminder of her precious life? 
Do you hold it near so she won’t seem so far away? 
Do you lose it inside you to wander in search of answers? 
Do you embrace it to hug her memory? 
Do you snuggle it to your heart to keep your soul warm? 
Do you sit quietly with it to feel her peaceful spirit? 
Do you rest with it trusting that a loving power is at work? 
Do you share it to release the heaviness of your pain? 
Do you set it gently in your palms to release its grasp? 
Do you wash it in sunshine to awaken her light?
How do you invite her soul to do its work, 
 to awaken the energy of her love? 
How do you to let her light shine through you, 
 to keep her laughter and beauty alive? 
How do you find the meaning in the emptiness? 
Just how do you respond to honor her life?

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