Jellyfish at the Atlanta Aquarium, Georgia

         as verbs, nouns, adjectives, more

     Create meaning 
           little squiggles form letters form words form ideas

     Mold & shape & with just the right one 
          reveal truths, express nuance, declare wisdom, sing to our souls

      Embody the world to  
            evoke emotions, enliven memories, awaken senses

       Illustrate what we see
            draw an image, give us a view, allow us to watch in our mind’s eye

       Show us how our eyes 
           look, observe, inspect, notice, 
           discern and drink in, 
           glance, glimpse & gaze, 
           peek, peer, peep & perceive, 
           scan, spot, stare & study

      Tell of what we hear & what we find when we listen with our ear
          sounds, vibrations, noises, auditory disturbances, 
          commotion, clamors, clinking, clanking, clatters & chatter, 
          a racket, or a bang, beep, blast or blare

      Allow us to detect
           the little feet of children & squirrels
           scampering and pitter-pattering 
           the birds singing their sounds: 
           lilting, hooting, cooing, clicking & ticking
           the soft sounds of silence & whispers & sighs, 
           their muffle & murmur, hushes & hollows, rustling & burlbing 

      Carry our noses
            to delicious & suspicious destinations, 
            where we sniff & get a whiff 
            of stink & stench, reeking & rotting

     Declare the wafts we smell 
          ambrosial, aromatic, antiseptic, 
          maybe scented or sour,  
          fetid & funky, rancid or ripe, pungent or putrid, 
          perhaps heady or heavy or laden, piquant & pleasing 

      Savor what’s in our mouths
          maybe delectable or divine, 
          or even better if it’s bitter or bland, 
          salty or sugary, sweet or savory, spicy or smoky
          Strong and sharp like a knife, 
          peppery & gamey like leather, 
          or tangy & tart & zestful, like Granny Smith?  

      Portray how we touch: 
          our tapping & patting, pushing & prodding, 
          poking & stroking, brushing & grazing, 
          fingering & caressing, contacting & handling, nudging & moving 
          Does it feel abrasive, jagged, or prickly, 
          maybe lumpy or bumpy or bulky, 
          dry or drenched, 
          hot or hairy

      Discern and feel
          ambience and aura, character and quality, 
          texture that’s smooth or rough, course or fine, 
          soft or hard, matte or glossy, 
          silky, slimy, sticky. 

      Shape our understanding using the fuel of the mind.

      Despite their descriptive glory & all the ways they express 
      our sensations, perception, & impressions, 
      there is a place beyond words 
            where our communication 
            is fueled by the heart, 
            a space where we embody meaning, energy, light 
            a way that needs no 

            a way more real, 
            more alive, 
            more powerful than any 
            we might carry in our heads 
            or speak aloud to each other.

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