Just Questions, Such Interrogatives

Daisies, Knappogue Castle Garden, Quin, Ireland
Just Questions, Such Interrogatives

Do the daisies see the stars sparkling in the night sky? 

Did the soap walk to the corner store to get Mom’s sinus medicine? 

Are the spools of thread ready for a second helping of pancakes? 

Can that sweet photo on the piano translate the letter from Provence, France? 

How loud does the sage in the back garden squeal at six in the morning? 

Which sanctimonious piece of firewood will hear the scooter coming down the street? 

What color is the sound of a spry fish making circular bubbles? 

Why do the scissors sing Edelweiss to me only in the summertime? 

Where did the dresser put the carton of sour milk? 

When does the clock feel the soreness in its Achilles tendon? 

Whom does the savvy kitchen towel want to snare as they step near the stove? 

Who tried to slide down the silver candle holder with the scented tapers? 

Whose shy socks started the fire at the state park?

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