with awareness

Clean shop window, Door County, Wisconsin
with awareness

Sometimes simple household chores 
feel so heavy I look upon them bored. 
Something weighing me down so 
I wander around, my face set in a frown. 

One day I read in a book, the author renowned: 
“Don’t make a burden of your duties.”
He basically said, don’t be snooty; 
go and clean up the booties. 
It made sense in my head; 
nonetheless, the cleaning filled me with dread. 
Another book said:
“Do your chores with awareness and love.” 
Maybe I could put on the glove and give things a shove. 

I’m not going to lie, I set about to give it a try. 
I saw the sparkle return to the table
as I dusted her clean, all playful.  
I heard the power of the vacuum 
as I pushed her around the room with a little zoom. 
I felt the weight of the broom in my hand
as I swept the floor without command. 
I smelled the scent of the towels and sheets
as I folded them nice and neat. 
Now when the dirt and grit talk to me, 
I don’t have a fit, not one bit. 

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