The Moon Speaking

Locarno, Switzerland
The Moon Speaking

I remember that night, when I was full-on, 
in my shiny best, I got a glimpse of you moving 
along the sandy shore. You caught my attention 
as you skipped from spot to spot on the wet sand 
where the gentle waves caress the earth. You were chasing 
sand crabs. Whether teeny-tiny or the bigger ones, those armored beings 
always beat your lumbering foot, like a giant overtaking them, back 
into their little bitty holes. You giggled at their speed and spoke 
to them in laughter. When you tired of your rollicking pursuit, you paused 
on the sand and gazed out over the water to the horizon. Your spine 
straightened like a tree in the summer sun and your chest 
curved ever so slightly toward the sky, like a baby opening her mouth, 
hungry to be nourished, completely trusting her mother. As if 
just noticing it’s the light on in the room that is keeping things 
from being dark, you look my way. As you lean back with your arms wide 
in a heart-centered kiss of communion, I sense your imagination unfolding 
like a flower. In the mirror of my being, you see your power, 
your beauty and strength. You claim the truth: how you simply need to be, 
emanating your light, in phases, not always glowing in your full glory 
because sometimes you need to rest.

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