A Place to Stand

Lake Maggiore, Verbania, Italy- bathed in the light of a summer sunset

A Place to Stand

I’m looking for a place to stand, a place past 
judgement and labeling, past anger and hatred, a place beyond 
fear. My feet keep moving, stretching, searching, hungry to find space 
where my heart can bloom and my soul can sing. I stay awake and pay attention because 
this place is subtle, like the flavor of saffron lingering in my mouth. It’s a nuanced spot 
that only speaks when you slow down, when you reach inside and listen deeply 
to your body’s wisdom. The location settles you in a contented solitude, a seclusion 
that moves you past the duality of good and bad, stability and freedom, attachment and aversion. 
When you follow your embodied experience, you find a place to stand where 
your being is washed in light, where your heart opens like a flower, where possibility 
flows like a river over your feet standing along the stony shore.  

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